10 Outdoor Activities to Help Lose Weight

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Outdoor activities have many advantages when it comes to weight loss. They burn a significant amount of calories and add enjoyment to your life. According to Harvard Health, outdoor activities raise your vitamin D levels and boosts your immune system. Also, participating in a new activity that includes physical exertion floods your brain with dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals improve your mood, elevate your sense of well being and motivate you to participate again.

Hit the Trails

Hiking is an activity that requires little or no equipment and gets you into the great outdoors. The big advantage to hiking is it naturally spikes the intensity level of your workout which helps you to burn three times the body fat of a flat walk.

Surf the Waves

Ask any avid surfer and they will tell you that surfing is a physically demanding activity. Even if you are a beginner who can barely stand up, you will get the weight loss benefits from paddling out and attempting to stand up on your board. Surfing is not only a great cardiovascular workout, it builds your strength and endurance.

Bike with a Buddy

Road or mountain biking is an effective way to blast calories and lose weight outdoors. It's an activity that is enjoyable regardless of your experience level. It also builds muscle in your legs and core. Most metropolitan areas have biking clubs you can join to increase your motivation to hit the road.

Grab a Kayak

You can kayak in lakes or oceans and in a single kayak or a double kayak with a buddy. Kayak rentals are relatively inexpensive and are a good way to try this activity before you commit to purchasing your own gear. Kayaking works your whole body with an emphasis on your upper body and core.

Climb a Mountain

Rock climbing is a physically demanding sport that works your whole body and even beginners can burn a tremendous amount of calories just trying to complete a climb. It's best to start with indoor climbing to build your skill and stamina and then take your climbs outdoors.

Get Rolling

Inline skating and rollerskating give you a great cardio workout and strengthen your legs and core. Find a long smooth sidewalk nearby for your inline and rollerskating outings and make sure your roller-skates are equipped with outdoor wheels. Skateboarding is a tremendous workout even for beginners. Skateboarding requires a bit more practice and technique but greatly improves your balance.

Grow Your Own

Give gardening a try and you will be surprised at what a workout it can be. It burns hundreds of calories per hour. Use your time in the garden to grow your own fruits and vegetables. Growing your own food encourages you to eat more fresh, raw produce and elevates your appreciation for food.

Golf on the Greens

When you walk the course and carry your own bag instead of riding in a golf cart, golfing can provide some serious cardio. In fact, you may find yourself too pooped at hole nine to finish the rest of the course. The rolling hills of a golf course add just the right mixture of intensity to promote weight loss.