Barriers to Sport & Physical Activity

Even if you have made the decision to begin an exercise program, you may encounter challenges along the way. Some of these barriers you may not be able to change. Some you think you cannot change -- but in fact, you can with a bit of creative thinking.

Not Enough Bucks

Group sports activities and health clubs often require a membership fee. If you are on a restricted budget, you may not have extra funds for physical activities. You can overcome this barrier by finding free drop-in sport activities in your community or by setting up a weekly sport game with your friends or co-workers. A gym membership is not required for physical activity as you can walk or run outside for free.

Not Enough Time

"I do not have time for exercise" is one of the most common excuses. Your daily activities probably consist of work, family, household duties and other responsibilities. Finding the time for physical activity may be a challenge. One way to overcome time limitations is to schedule exercise time into your calendar as you would any other appointment.

Physical Limitations

Injuries or genetics may inhibit your physical abilities. If you suffer from arthritis, back pain, knee discomfort or shoulder injuries, you may see these as barriers to participating in physical activity. Pain and other physical limitations do not have to equal the end of your exercise sessions. If you have pain in your shoulders, you can substitute lower body exercises for upper body movements. Pool exercises are easier than land activities on your body if you suffer from arthritis.

A Lack of Motivation

If you have been participating in the same sport or activity for years, you may start to get bored with it. Boredom shows itself when you feel a lack motivation or begin to shorten your workout time. When boredom sets in, it is time to change your workout routine. You could exercise with a partner to help motivate you or visit a different gym for a change in atmosphere.