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How to Lose Weight and Look Taller

By Andrea Johnson ; Updated July 18, 2017

Looking taller has everything to do with posture. Losing weight has everything to do with being intrinsically motivated to start and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. While you are working on losing weight, simply straightening your back can instantly improve your posture and give the illusion of height.

Weight Loss

  1. Commit to the process of weight loss. Healthy weight loss happens slowly as the product of permanent lifestyle changes, not a crash diet or a couple months in the gym. If you have struggled with weight loss in the past, examine the reasons why, and ask yourself what you will do differently this time.

  2. Eat right, and in the right amounts. There is no magic formula for changing your diet to lose weight; everyone is different. However, weight loss requires that you use more calories than you consume, so in most cases, you will need to reduce your caloric intake by some amount. Consult with your doctor or a dietitian if you are looking for guidance in this area.

  3. Work out to burns calorie, increase muscle mass (which in turn elevates your metabolism) and improve your overall health. perform at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderately-intense cardio activities ever week; as well as at least 20 minutes of strength training two days a week using barbells, dumbbells or your own body weight to build muscle mass.


  1. Stand while imagining that you have a string attached to the crown of your head, right at the point where your spine would end if it continued all the way through your skull, rather than stopping at the base of your head. Relax first, then imagine yourself being pulled up by this string. Feel yourself lengthen your spine from the base of your tailbone all the way through the top of your head.

  2. Pull your shoulders as far forward as you can, then lift them up and back to your ears. From there, release all tension and let them drop. You should feel that they fall back a little farther than where you were holding them to start. Your chest should feel open and your neck should feel long.

  3. Walk or stand with your hips directly underneath you. Avoid letting them fall back behind you or letting them press too far forward. Imagine the muscles in the front of your hip joints (your hip flexors) getting slightly longer as you walk.

  4. Contract your lower abs. This will help stabilize your lower spine and hips, and it will also help align your body in the most flattering way to help you look and feel taller and leaner.

  5. Tip

    The right clothing styles can also help you look taller and slimmer. Try clothes on before you buy them, do not be afraid to try new styles or styles you had previously ignored, and have wardrobe staples tailored to fit you well.


    Any weight loss program is best undertaken with the advice and oversight of your physician.

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