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D4 Weight-Loss Pill

By Lisa Sefcik paralegal ; Updated July 18, 2017

D4 Extreme Weight Loss is a dietary supplement made by Cellucor Advanced Pre-Cursor Technologies. According to the manufacturer's website, D4 Extreme consists of a patented formula that purportedly decreases the amount of fat on problem areas, such as your hips and thighs. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn't place D4 Extreme and other weight-loss supplements in the same category as anti-obesity medications, which have proven benefits. Before using a dietary supplement to help you lose weight, talk to your physician.

About Cellucor

Based in Bryan, Texas, Cellucor places emphasis on sports nutrition, making supplements tailored to the company's target market: elite athletes. In addition to numerous weight-loss supplements, Cellucor also makes protein supplements and supplements for muscle growth. You can buy D4 Extreme and other Cellucor dietary supplements at gyms, fitness centers and sports nutrition shops, as well as through the manufacturer's website.

D4 Extreme Claims

According to the manufacturer, a decade of research and development went into D4 Extreme Weight Loss supplements. Marketing claims made about the supplements are that they make your body burn calories and inhibit your appetite. The "sustainable energy release" formula purportedly gives you better fat-burning results during your daily workouts. D4 Extreme contains many natural herbal extracts, along with other compounds. According to the manufacturer, none of the ingredients in D4 Extreme will make you feel jittery.


The ingredients in D4 Extreme Weight Loss supplements include caffeine, octopamine, white willow bark, sclareolide, evodiamine and extracts of passion flower, white tea, green tea and embelic myrobalan, or Indian gooseberry. The manufacturer does not specify the exact ratio of ingredients per capsule on its website, other than to note that the supplement's active ingredients are octopamine, caffeine and extracts of white tea and Indian gooseberry.


You take one to two capsules of D4 Extreme twice a day with ample amounts of water. The manufacturer indicates that you can take D4 Extreme for 12 weeks at one time, after which you should stop taking it for at least a month. Following the month of no D4, you can resume taking the supplement. Purportedly, D4 Extreme is safe when used with other Cellucor dietary supplements; the manufacturer encourages you to combine the supplements to get the best results from your fitness program.

Safety and Effectiveness

The problem with D4 Extreme and other weight-loss supplements is that you have no assurance the product is either safe or effective. The Dietary Supplement Health and Education ACT of 1994 allows supplement makers to sell their wares with little or no pre-market testing, explains P.J. Skerrett, editor of the "Harvard Heart Letter." The U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn't flex its regulatory muscle unless a supplement raises safety concerns, as did ephedra weight-loss supplements. The FDA banned ephedra in 2004 after use of the supplements resulted in 155 deaths. Natural weight-loss supplements aren't necessarily safe; the ingredients they contain may interact with medications you take -- as well as other supplements. Weight-loss supplements may not be safe to take if you have existing health problems.

Supplement Tips

Always talk to your doctor before taking D4 Extreme or a similar supplement for weight loss. And be wary of fraudulent claims supplement makers may make, cautions the FDA. Stay away from supplements that assure you there's a quick fix for obesity, as well as those that purport to be a "scientific breakthrough" or a "miracle treatment." Disregard technical jargon in marketing claims such as "thermogenesis" or "hunger stimulation point." Stay away from products that rely on heavily on customer testimonials rather than the results of scientific studies.

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