The Best Irons for a High Handicap Golfer

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Golf is not rocket science, but engineering golf clubs is a highly technical business. The majority of golfers are high handicappers, people who shoot in the 90s and above. So golf manufacturers focus on this market by selling a variety of models of irons that are built to help not-so-great players get the most from their games. Such irons are known in the trade as super game improvement or maximum game improvement clubs. They won't make you a great golfer. But they may make you a better one.


Super game improvement irons are more "forgiving" than irons designed for better players. Because a high handicapper rarely hits the ball flush in the center of the clubface, the clubface is engineered to produce decent shots on off-center hits. Irons for high handicappers are also designed to lift the ball off the turf more easily with a higher ball flight. These irons have larger clubheads, which give high handicap golfers more confidence and more room for mishits.

Golf Digest Recommendations

The 2010 "Hot List" from Golf Digest offers thorough reviews of the various iron sets for high handicappers. Eight types of irons were selected as the best. They include the Adams Idea A705 and the Adams Idea A705 Max, which has a built in draw bias for golfers who tend to slice their shots. Golf Digest also recommends the Callaway Diablo Edge, Cobra S2 Max, Mizuno MX-1000, Cleveland HB3 and Nike Slingshot.

Golf Magazine Recommendations

Golf Magazine recommends six of the eight models that are recommended by Golf Digest. It leaves out the Adams Idea A705 Max and the Nike Slingshot. It adds four sets of its irons to its recommendations, the Nike SQ Machspeed, Ping Rapture 2, TaylorMade Burner and TaylorMade Burner Superlaunch. The TaylorMade Burner models were the best selling irons in America in 2009.


It is important to equip your irons with the correct shafts to ensure that the irons you buy yield the best results.Test various models of super improvement clubs to find the set with the best performance and feel. A club professional can match the proper shafts for your swing by watching you hit balls on the driving range.