The Best Workout Supplements to Turn Fat Into Muscle

As a human being, your part in maintaining the quality of your body is relatively small. Like any good caretaker, tending your inner landscapes and observing and reporting their progress are the gist of the job. Unfortunately, taking care of the body for the grand majority often involves weeding out poor lifestyle habits, keeping weight in check and overcoming the proverbial rut. To stay on track, some people turn to supplements that are muscle-building and fat-decreasing. A physician or dietitian can provide the proper guidance for safe use.

Conjugated Lineolic Acid

Also known as CLA, conjugated linoleic acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that has been found to have positive effects in body fat reduction. An article published in the “Journal of Nutrition” in 2000, found CLA significantly lowered body fat mass in the overweight and obese volunteers who participated in the study 1. In addition, researchers at McGill University in Canada found CLA to reduce weight, fat deposition and fat cell size while increasing energy expenditure in studies conducted in 2004.


L-carnitine is the supplemental form of carnitine, a nutrient your body naturally produces and uses to burn fat for energy. Carnitine is produced by the liver and kidneys before being transported for storage in the tissues of your heart, muscles, brain and sperm. L-carnitine ultimately gives a jolt to the jumper-cables of your metabolism by transferring fat into mitochondria cells -- energy chambers of cells --where it transforms into food for growing lean muscles.


An article published in the “American Journal of Physiology” in 2006 reported that L-arginine reduced fat mass during clinical evaluations. Participants in the study were broken down into placebo and l-arginine groups and followed low calorie diets and exercise regimens. The L-arginine group lost considerably more weight and waist circumference. states this may be due to L-arginine’s role in breaking down creatine, an amino acid that promotes energy expenditure and muscle growth.


Whey protein is a muscle building trick generally reserved for bodybuilders. Whey helps to repair and rebuild lean muscle tissue through leucine, an essential amino acid that is broken down in fat structures. According to a 2010 article published in “Proceedings of the Nutrition Society,” whey protein is a rapidly digested protein that stimulates muscle synthesis faster than other proteins and carbohydrates. In addition whey creates muscle volume and a balance in building and burning lean muscle tissues.