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How to Hide Back Fat

You eat right and exercise, but the dreaded back fat still remains. If you feel like you've tried everything, it may not be your body, but what you're wearing. If you can afford to add a few simple pieces to your wardrobe, including a well-fitting bra, some rich, dark colors in thick materials and a few empire-waist dresses, visible back fat will become a thing of the past. Whether the fat is below your shoulder blades or just above your waistline, learning to dress your body type is the best solution for hiding back fat.

Purchase the right bra. If your bra is causing a bulge in the middle of your back, this does not necessarily mean your back is the problem 2. Get a bra fitting at a lingerie store to determine the right size for you 2. Some bras are made specifically to smooth out back bulges, with a larger fastening area in the back to provide full support.

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Wear clothing that fits. Wearing clothing that is too tight may be accentuating the ripples in your back. Try on clothing a size larger than you would normally wear to see if it masks the appearance of back fat 2.

Show off a smooth back with high-waisted dresses. Dresses with an empire waist cinch just below the bust. This style disguises love handles and hides bulges going on below the shoulder blades.

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Avoid light colors and translucent materials. Wearing a white, see-through T-shirt will put your back rolls on display instead of disguising them. Opt for dark colors and thicker materials, such as cotton or wool, when possible.

Wear a cardigan instead of a tight sweater. A cardigan with the buttons open will gently drape over your back rather than clinging to it. This provides a smooth, flattering look without adding the look of extra pounds.


Wear layers to smooth out unwanted back lumps.


Ill-fitting bras can cause health problems, including difficulty breathing.