The Calories Burned With Body Step

BodyStep is a trademarked exercise program by Les Mills that incorporates the latest dance music with a step aerobics workout. Each music track has a specific exercise focus; the class combines step aerobics and muscle conditioning exercises 2.

The basis of any Les Mills BodyStep class is step aerobics 2. Steps are adjustable; the height is determined by your height and fitness level. Higher steps equals a more intense workout; a 6-inch bench burns approximately 7.5 calories per minute, while a 12-inch bench burns 10.5 calories per minute.


Typically, if you weight 160 pounds, you burn 511 calories in 60 minutes of high-impact aerobics 2. In addition to step height, factors like whether you are stepping or hopping onto the bench, how you use your arms and how fast the routine is will also impact calories burned 2.

How many calories you burn in a one-hour BodyStep class is entirely up to you. Using lower steps and minimal effort -- keeping one foot on the ground at all times -- can burn 365 calories in an hour if you weigh 160 pounds. By increasing your effort, you can increase your caloric expenditure.