The Crackerbread Diet

Crackerbread, a low-calorie, high-fiber whole-grain cracker, is the key to a popular new diet trend, the F-Factor Diet. The F-Factor diet is a balanced, low-calorie diet that relies upon fruits, vegetables, lean protein and high-fiber carbohydrates, as well as high-fiber crackers. Crackerbreads are a filling addition to a weight loss plan and may help you to achieve your goal weight.


Crackerbreads provide high levels of fiber, or parts of plant-based foods that your body cannot absorb. You will eat eight crackerbreads each day on the F-Factor diet, along with other high-fiber foods, like fiber-rich cereal, fruits and vegetables. Total fiber intake will significantly exceed the National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine recommendation of 21 to 38 g per day, depending upon your age and gender.


High levels of fiber keep you feeling full, adding bulk to meals without adding substantial calories. The Scandinavian GG Crackers specifically recommended on the diet contain only 12 calories each, but 5 g of fiber. Increased levels of fiber can help you to avoid overeating and reduce between-meal snacking. High-fiber foods also require increased chewing and may slow down meals, encouraging you to stop when you feel full.


The F-Factor diet includes a wide variety of foods, incorporating servings of fruit, vegetables, lean protein and low-fat or fat-free dairy products. The diet includes an introductory phase with limited carbohydrates other than the crackerbreads, a gradual reintroduction of whole-grain carbohydrates, and a maintenance phase. Calories are quite low, particularly in the first phase of the diet, but the high-fiber levels may reduce feelings of hunger and discomfort.


A high-fiber diet offers benefits other than just weight control. Increased fiber intake normalizes bowel movements, maintains bowel health, lowers cholesterol and helps to control variations in blood sugar, according to the Mayo Clinic 2. The F-Factor diet incorporates foods from all food groups and meets guidelines for a healthy diet recommended by the American Heart Association.


You may find that you experience gas and bloating as you increase your intake of high-fiber foods such as crackerbreads. The F-Factor diet allows a variety of foods, but it does require that you continue to consume crackerbreads. You can add various toppings to reduce the monotony and make the bland crackers more appealing. While this diet is suitable for most people, consult your health care provider before making significant dietary changes, particularly if you have irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's Disease or other conditions impacting your intestinal health.