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Lifting Weights & Hair Loss

By Andrea Cespedes

Hair loss occurs as a result of unlucky genes, certain medications, long-term stress, illness, nutritional deficiencies and, often, after childbirth. If you've ruled out all of these potential causes, you may wonder if a ramped-up weight-training program is the culprit. When you have an excess of testosterone, it converts to a compound that can cause hair follicles to shrink -- thus causing hair loss -- in rare instances. Most often, however, your hair loss has been occurring for some time, and you've just now begun to notice.

A Rare Side Effect

If you've just begun a weight-lifting program, it's unlikely to be the reason you're losing hair. Hair takes three to five years to cycle in growth -- that's loss and regeneration. Ramp-ups in testosterone usually occur for a limited time just after a weight-lifting session, but not usually long enough to cause noticeable hair loss. If your weight-training program includes the use of testosterone-increasing supplements or anabolic steroids, you may accelerate hair loss.

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