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Cider Vinegar & Honey Remedies

By Jill Corleone ; Updated August 14, 2017

As foods, cider vinegar and honey offer nutritional and health benefits. Both are rich in antioxidants and have antimicrobial properties. These two foods are often combined together and used as a home remedy to treat a number of ailments, including coughing, arthritis and indigestion. However, there's no clinical evidence to support their use in this manner. Consult with your doctor before using alternative forms of treatment to manage illness.

Manage Your Cough

According to the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, combining apple cider vinegar with honey, along with ginger and pepper, helps those who have a dry cough. It works by soothing the throat and relieving chest congestion. Honey is known to help improve coughing in both children and adults, according to a 2014 article published in Canadian Family Physician. However, you should not give honey to infants due to the potential exposure to botulism.

Arthritis Pain

A cider vinegar and honey combination is also said to help those with arthritis. While there are anecdotal reports of its benefits, Arthritis Research UK says there's no scientific evidence to support the claims. The drink is made by dissolving honey in boiling water, then adding vinegar and cold water. Honey is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, which may explain why some people think they feel better after taking it.

Tummy Trouble

A drink similar to the one used for arthritis is also used to make the concoction that helps soothe your tummy. Honey may inhibit the bacteria that causes peptic and gastric ulcers, according to a 2008 review article published in the American Journal of the College of Nutrition. The acetic acid in the vinegar may help aid gastrointestinal issues by speeding up stomach-emptying time, although a study published in 2007 in BMC Gastroenterology noted that apple cider vinegar decreased stomach-emptying time.

Things to Consider

Apple cider vinegar and honey make healthy additions to your diet, but they may not be as effective at treating your various ailments as claimed. Plus, while apple cider vinegar is low in calories, honey is not. One tablespoon of honey has about 65 calories. If you're watching your weight, you need to consider the calories that come from your home remedies. Additionally, apple cider vinegar may damage your teeth when you drink it regularly.

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