A community health fair brings a community together to learn about safety, health and an active lifestyle 1. Gathering quality participants and featuring informational booths, samples and sponsors will help make your community health fair a success 1. You can have a variety of activities for people of all ages, so that you're able to get your message across, while everyone still has a good time. Add games and prizes that tie in with your mission of helping the people in your community live healthier lifestyles.


Encourage local businesses to serve as quality sponsors to help you pay for some of the fair. Choose sponsors from local health-care fields such as family practices, dentists and chiropractors. Your local chapter of the Red Cross or American Heart Association may like to participate. Remind sponsors that a community health fair is a good way to advertise their businesses on a more personal level 1.


Have your sponsors bring free samples or gift bags to the fair. Use the samples as prizes, or give them away to participants as they visit booths. Some good samples to give away would be small tubes of toothpaste, toothbrushes, samples of sunscreen, small bottles of hand sanitizer, and brochures and tip sheets about some of the health concerns covered at the health fair 1.

Blood Pressure Booth

Set up a local doctor or nurse to give blood pressure readings. She could also talk about what numbers are good for blood pressure, and different ways to lower blood pressure that is too high. Write each participant's blood pressure numbers on a sticker so that he can remember it at home.

CPR Demonstrations

Your local Red Cross chapter or a nurse could give a CPR demonstration in a booth or in front of a larger audience. With a CPR dummy, he can demonstrate the correct way to administer CPR, and can talk about the importance of learning CPR. This would also be a good opportunity to talk to the general public about the importance of becoming certified to practice CPR.

Massage Chair

A local masseuse or chiropractor could set up a massage chair and give free, one-minute massages to health fair participants 1. Your masseuse or chiropractor can talk about things that can be done to alleviate back pain.

Hand-Washing Booth

A hand-washing booth would be a good attraction for children. Even if you don't have running water available at the fair location, some basins of water would be enough to teach about the length of time to wash and the correct soaps and techniques. Add glitter to children's hands to represent germs, and have them scrub the germs away. Talk about the importance of not spreading germs and washing hands, especially in the cold and flu season.

Car Seat Clinic

Set up a clinic where parents can have their car seats checked for proper installation. The local fire department is trained to look for proper installation, and can also talk about the importance of car seats, booster seats and safety belts for children and adults.