How Many Calories Do You Burn With Slim in 6?

Slim in Six is one of many exercise programs distributed by Beach Body, a home fitness video company. It derives its name from its claim that participants can reshape their bodies in six weeks.

Program Basics

According to its website, the Slim in Six program combines cardio kickboxing, traditional aerobics, resistance exercise and power yoga in a program targeted to tone the muscles in your thighs, abs and butt. Unlike other Beach Body offerings, its focus is on shaping and toning, rather than on weight loss or fat burn.

Calorie Burn

Fitness resource website Nutristrategy provides information on different activities. Although it contains no information on specific workout programs, it rates an aerobics program like Slim in Six at 450 calories per hour in a 155-pound woman. Because heavier people burn more calories in all activities, a 200-pound person would burn about 600 calories in the same workout.

Other Factors

Many other factors can effect how many calories you burn during your workout. How vigorously you follow the tape, and which difficulty level you choose, will increase or decrease your burn. Other factors can include the temperature, time of day and even your mood during the workout.