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ProtiDiet Food

By Michelle Kerns ; Updated July 18, 2017

ProtiDiet is the name of a large line of weight loss supplements and foods that emphasize the consumption of protein as the key to losing weight, increasing your energy levels and gaining greater amounts of lean muscle tissue. The ProtiDiet products are low in both fat and carbohydrates and range from snacks to full meals to meal replacement drinks. While proponents of ProtiDiet claim that regularly eating the products leads to long-term, sustainable weight loss, critics point to the lack of solid evidence that ProtiDiet really works.


ProtiDiet is not a weight loss plan or specific diet regimen; instead, it consists of a line of products manufactured by the company Pro-Amino International, Inc. The ProtiDiet producers say their weight loss products can help stimulate weight loss by decreasing your overall calorie intake and replacing the calories you would normally consume from carbohydrates and fat with high-quality protein. Supporters of high protein diets say that lots of lean protein in the diet can boost your metabolism, increase your energy levels and stimulate you to burn fat, as well as helping to keep you feeling fuller longer.


ProtiDiet offers a wide range of products, from snacks -- cereal bars, prepared puddings, cookies, soy nuts and all types of snack mixes for you to prepare on your own -- to beverages such as cocoa, flavored coffees, fruit drinks and meal replacement shakes, to meal entrees ranging from typical breakfast items such as oatmeal and pancakes to lunch and dinner meals of soups or stir-fries. As of 2010, separate items range in price from approximately $2.50 to $15 and can be purchased individually, in bulk or as a set meal plan from a number of online dietary aid retailers.


The focus of all ProtiDiet weight management products is protein, and the two main protein sources used in all of their food items are soy and whey protein. All of the products contain no more than 150 calories per serving, and many provide significant amounts of vitamins and minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Most of the items provide at least 12 g of protein with all of the main dish entrees - -such as Cheesy Eggs with Vegetables and the Vegetarian Chik'n Fajita Meal -- containing 15 g of meatless protein per serving. None contain cholesterol, but most do contain large amounts of sodium.


Using ProtiDiet products is simple and convenient -- all the items can be purchased online, and because the snacks, meals and beverages are all nutritionally balanced, dieters can use them without having to count calories or fat grams on their own. The products -- particularly the meal entrees -- can cut down considerably on time spent preparing food, and all items are suitable for the nutritional needs of both men and women. Because you aren't required to purchase full menu plans, you can purchase only a few items as needed. In addition, the products can serve as a good alternative for vegetarian dieters looking for a meat-less way to follow an easy high-protein diet.


Using ProtiDiet products can quickly become prohibitively expensive. The manufacturer does not offer money-back guarantees or refunds if you are unhappy with any of the products, yet also does not offer samples so that you can be certain you will like eating the items that you purchase. A regular exercise regimen and healthy eating habits are not addressed or encouraged, leading critics to believe that any weight loss experienced while using the products will simply return once the dieter stops eating ProtiDiet items. In addition, there is little solid scientific evidence to back up ProtiDiet's claim that eating more protein will help you gain lean muscle mass, stay fuller longer and burn fat more efficiently.

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