Brittle Eyelashes

Eyelashes protect your eyes, but sometimes the lashes themselves need a bit of protection, as well as some tender loving care. Such is the case when your lashes become brittle. A number of factors can lead to brittle lashes, but solutions are at the ready -- including a couple that can be found in your own kitchen.


Growing older plays a role in brittle eyelashes, as does excessive sun exposure. Some eye products are also to blame, such as potent eye makeup removers or eye makeup itself. False eyelashes, eyelash extensions and eyelash curlers also increase the risk of your eyelashes falling out or becoming brittle. Using an eyelash curler more than twice a day is asking for trouble.


Just as the hair on your head grows at a regular pace, so do your eyelashes. The eyelashes just grow more slowly than your hair. When eyelashes become brittle, damaged or fall out, it takes as long as nine months for new ones to grow. The growth will be slow if your eyelashes are continuously exposed to the conditions that made them brittle in the first place.


Products that hydrate your eyelashes are ideal for brittle lashes. Keep your lashes strong with mascaras that include keratin or panthenol, two hydrating ingredients. Another option is an eyelash fortifier, which often comes in a gel that is enhanced with vitamins or ingredients derived from silk. Fortifiers work by themselves or beneath other eye makeup to protect and condition your eyelashes. Discard any eye makeup and products that are more than four months old.

Home Remedies

Castor oil and olive oil are favored home remedies for brittle lashes. The oils condition the lashes, promote growth and prevent breakage. Carefully massage a dab of oil onto your closed eyelids and lashes in the evening and leave it on overnight. Gently rinse it off in the morning.


Keeping your body hydrated by drinking at least eight cups of water each day and eating a balanced diet both lead to healthy eyelashes. Cholesterol has negative effects on your lashes as well as your overall health. Regular exercise, adequate sleep and reducing stress also lead to healthier lashes.