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The Fat Buster Diet

By Nicki Howell

The fat buster diet, also called the fat smash diet, was featured on VH1's popular television show “Celebrity Fit Club,” where celebrities used the plan to lose weight. The diet focuses on a low-calorie diet plan and avoiding foods that contribute to weight gain.

How It Works

The fat smash diet is focused on getting you dedicated to physical activity and changing your relationship with food. The first part of the program includes a detox, which is designed to curb cravings and promote high consumption of fruits and vegetables. The diet doesn’t focus on counting calories, yet choosing healthier food choices. During each phase of the program, participants are challenged to increase the amount of time exercising.

Beginning Phases of Diet

This diet is broken into four different phases. Phase one lasts nine days and focuses on detoxification. You eat a vegetarian diet that consistent of raw fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. Fat consumption is limited to no more than 3 tbsp. daily. You also exercise 30 minutes, five times a week. The creator of this diet believes that detoxification helps to body get rid of toxins. The second phase of the diet, which lasts three weeks, allows you to eat lean meat, seafood, whole eggs and whole-grain cereals daily. You boost exercise by 15 percent weekly and avoid fried foods.

Last Phases of Diet

During phases three, which lasts fours weeks, you add more food into your diet, including whole-grain pasta and bread. You are also allowed to consume a small desert daily. Physical activity is increased again, by 25 percent. Phases four lasts 90 days and allows consumption of all foods in moderation. Physical activity is raised to 60 minutes, five times weekly. If you haven’t reached your ideal weight by the end of this phase, the diet recommends starting at the beginning again.


During the early stages of the diet, there is a list of forbidden foods, making the diet a challenge to follow for some people. For example, sweets, coffee and wine are forbidden in the early phases of the diet. This can make sticking with the diet tough, especially if you enjoy your daily coffee.


Talk with your doctor before starting any new weight loss program. Your doctor can evaluate your health and determine if this weight loss approach is best for your situation. You should also discuss the diet’s detox phase, which can be difficult for some people.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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