Calories Burned Using a Precor Treadmill

Precor makes several cardio machines from which you can choose. The actual amount of calories you burn depends on your aerobic fitness level; even the "calories burned" displayed on a Precor machine may not be totally accurate, according to the Precor website. However, the calories displayed can still be useful in helping you monitor your workout progress and achieve your weight loss goals.

Elliptical Machines

Precor makes several elliptical machines. Ellipticals are named for the elliptical motion that the foot pedals make. How fast you stride on an elliptical, the resistance level you select and your current weight will narrow down the amount of calories you can expect to burn during one hour of exercise. For example, a person who weighs 150 pounds going very slowly at 60 strides per minute with level 1 resistance will burn around 127 calories. Resistance levels go from 1 to 20. The same person, however, exercising at level 10 going 115 strides per minute will burn around 520 calories.


Whether you walk or run is going to have a huge impact on how many calories you'll burn on a Precor treadmill. Walking at only 3 mph will burn around 297 calories, while running at 6 mph burns around 684 calories, based on a 150-pound person. Running at 10 mph can burn 1,224 calories 1.


Precor also makes stationary exercise bikes. The amount of calories burned cycling on a stationary bicycle for one hour depends on how hard you work, as well 1. Cycling at a moderate effort will burn around 477 calories per hour, but exercising with vigorous effort for those with the fitness level to do so can burn 774 calories per hour. You'll burn less, of course, if you pedal slowly.