Can You Eat Clementines With the Peel?

iValentyn Volkov/iStock/Getty Images

A variety of the mandarin orange, clementines are an ideal fruit to keep handy. When you're hungry, you can peel the fruit in seconds and enjoy its sweet, juicy segments. Most people discard the fruit's peel, but this part of the fruit is edible. You probably won't enjoy its taste as much as the fruit itself, but clementine peel can have tasty applications in the kitchen.

Dried or Candied Peel

Before you eat your clementine's peel, wash it thoroughly to remove some of the contaminants that could be on the skin. Instead of eating the peel raw, cookbook author Emma Christensen recommends drying your clementine peel to use in a cup of tea, candying it with sugar to use as a dessert garnish or tossing it inside a roast chicken before it goes in the oven. Because people don't commonly eat clementine peels, the U.S. Department of Agriculture doesn't provide nutritional data for the fruit's segments versus its peel. Clementines themselves, however, are a source of fiber, calcium and vitamin C.