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Yoga Stretches for Scoliosis Lower Back Pain

By Lorraine Shea ; Updated August 14, 2017

Scoliosis, or curvature of the spine, may cause lower back pain and difficulty breathing. Yoga's physical postures, called asanas, strengthen and stretch your muscles that support your spine. Breathing techniques, called pranayama, ensure that you're breathing fully as you release tension and relax. Consult with your physician before beginning a new practice, and let him know of any pain you are experiencing.


Practice ujjayi breath, or victory breath. This helps you concentrate, calms your nervous system and keeps your breath flowing freely. Start by saying the word "ha." Then, say it with your mouth closed. Notice where the sound originates in your throat. Now, create that sound as you inhale and exhale. Use ujjayi breath throughout your practice and any time you need to relax.

Loosen Your Spine

Do cat/cow pose to open your spine and release tension. Start on your hands and knees, with your toes tucked under. As you exhale, curve your spine upward into a "C" shape and look back toward your legs for cat pose. As you inhale, look straight ahead and reach your seat upward for cow pose. Repeat nine more times, matching your movements with your breath.

Find Your Center

Stand in tadasana, or mountain pose. Place your feet hips-width apart and relax your arms by your sides. Activate and strengthen the muscles in your legs by lifting your toes and spreading them out wide. Bring your inner thighs back and apart, and scoop your tailbone downward as you draw your navel in toward your spine and lengthen the sides of your body. Inhale and lift your arms overhead. Relax your shoulders down. Thread your fingers together and turn your palms upward.

Lengthen Your Spine

Place your palms flat on the wall at shoulder height. Walk your feet back so that they're directly under your hips and your body is in an upside-down "L" shape. Keep your head between your arms. Bring your inner thighs back, and scoop your tailbone down. Lengthen your spine toward the wall and slide your shoulders down your back. Keep your navel lifted and breathe into your back body. Hold this pose for a few breaths.


Do child's pose by kneeling on the floor with your feet together and your knees apart. Sit back on your feet and keep your pelvis rooted downward as you lengthen your spine, bend forward and place your forehead on the ground. Stretch your arms overhead and place your fingertips on the floor. Bring the base of your shoulder blades toward each other to open your chest. Focus on your breath and hold this pose for three to five minutes.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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