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Pole Vaulting Calories

By Wade Harle

Pole vaulting is a rigorous sport that requires total body strength to bend the pole and vault yourself over a bar. The challenging motions required to clear a pole-vaulting bar require many calories.

Caloric Expension

According to the CalorieLab website, a 175 lb. person burns about 99 calories in a 15 minute pole vaulting session. In an hour, they burn about 398 calories. Pole vaulting for one minute can shed the equivalent of 1 tbsp. of chopped, cooked onions.


According to an interview at USAToday.com, Stacy Dragila, an Olympic gold medalist in the pole vault, suggests avoiding junk food if you're involved in the sport. She said she eats small snacks throughout the day and does not eat three big meals.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG


An effective pole vault workout has three phases. For the first phase, focus on vaulting drills three times per week and core strengthening five times per week. Also, run 30m sprints four times per week. The second phase adds complex training, which involves a plyometric exercise right after a weight training exercise. The third phase is right before the competition and adds an additional rest day.

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