Lipton Tea Bag Calories

Lipton tea bags are available in several varieties. This tea contains both natural and artificial ingredients. The calorie content will vary by what you add to your Lipton tea.


Lipton tea bags are available in black, green and herbal teas. Flavors of Lipton tea bags include lemon, peppermint, peach, raspberry, orange, mango, blueberry, pomegranate and vanilla caramel truffle.


The ingredients in Lipton tea bags vary depending on the type of tea. Among the ingredients are black tea, green tea, herb leaves, modified corn starch, natural flavors, various spices and soy lecithin.


Most Lipton tea bags contain no calories. If you add additional ingredients such as milk, cream, sugar or honey, you increase the calorie count. Adding 1 tbsp. of sugar to your Lipton tea increases the calorie count to 46. One tbsp. of honey adds 64 calories. Pouring 1 tbsp. of half and half into your tea increases the calories by 20. One tbsp. of whole milk adds nine calories.