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Daily Affirmations for Weight Loss

By Linda Ray ; Updated July 18, 2017

You can join support groups, undergo a medically supervised diet and buy into any number of weight loss programs, but the ultimate responsibility for changing your eating habits is up to you. According to the American Psychological Association, both the body and mind must participate in a successful weight loss program. Behavioral therapy, self-monitoring, meditation and positive affirmations are needed to complement diet and exercise programs.


Environmental and subconscious cues often trigger overeating, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. By ignoring the subconscious mind and the reasons that you overeat, you inevitably add extra pounds each year without even realizing why. With obesity rates climbing to more than half of the adult American population, it is important to recognize every aspect of the obesity epidemic.


According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, daily affirmations should include positive reminders that your health relies on your personal eating habits. Visualization techniques can play a role in the affirming self-talk. Imagine how much you are going to eat before sitting down to a meal so that your mind and body are prepared, allowing you to respond accordingly with increasing ease.


Positive daily affirmations can take a variety of forms. According to however, the wording in your messages should be specific to provide effective forcefulness. Daily self-talk can include reaffirming your specific goals. A goal to walk 30 minutes, for example, is more specific than a goal simply to exercise more. Eating 1,500 calories per day for three months is a specific message you can tell yourself each day instead of just affirming that you'll lose weight.


Positive reinforcement in the form of daily affirmations can dramatically influence your behavior, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. Obstacles that include habitual behavior patterns, stress and continual temptation often impede weight-loss efforts. Positive daily messages can help you overcome those obstacles and succeed. Daily affirmations should focus on the progress that you've made and ignore the setbacks. Build confidence in your ability to lose weight and keep it off with self-talk that is encouraging and supportive.


Repetition also is an important ingredient for successfully incorporating daily positive affirmation in your weight loss program. According to the National Diabetes Education Program, you should define your message and write it down, making a commitment to read the affirmations aloud every day for a period of time, say six months. After a while, the practice will become automatic and your subconscious can react to new triggers, cues and messages.

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