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Shimano 6600 Vs. 6700

By Philip Foster

Shimano has been manufacturing specialized bike parts since the early 1920s. They create lightweight components that permit you to customize your mountain, road or BMX bike. According to Shimano, the company strives to increase the enjoyability of your cycling experience. The Ultegra packages from Shimano feature the 6600 and 6700 components.


The components housed within the Ultegra 6600 and 6700 packages have been created to decrease the weight of your racing bicycle. The Ultegra handbrake levers and shifting levers have been specially built to fit onto the front of your drop handlebars. The 6600 and 6700 shifters allow you to increase your decrease the resistance of your pedals. According to Shimano, the braking system found in the 6700 package works 20 percent better in dry conditions than the 6600 braking system.


The cranksets found in the 6700 package feature a hollow design constructed of an aluminum body. The crank sets offered in the 6600 and 6700 packages enable your bike to have 10 different speeds. Gear Review reports that the wheels offered in the Shimano 6600 package feature an aerodynamic design built with carbon fiber. The lightweight road bike pedals of the 6700 package feature a clip in system that permits to fasten the cleats of your riding shoes in place.


The Ultegra 6700 components are merely an updated version of the parts found in Shimano's 6600 package. Shimano improved on the 6700 package by reducing the weight of the components. As well as being lighter weight, the Ultegra 6700 parts offer the latest from the Shimano Dura-Ace technology. According to former professional cyclist Bob Roll, the new Dura-Ace components will increase your ability to shift gears and slow the momentum of your road bike.


According to Gear Review, the Ultegra 6600 wheel set from Shimano has a weight of 1687 g. The narrow bodied chain offered in the 6700 package weighs in at 272 g. The aluminum brakes of the 6700 package have a standard weight of 317 g. According to Shimano, the entire Ultegra 6700 package weighs 150 g less than the Ultegra 6600 series.


No matter which package you end up choosing, the 6600 and 6700 parts most likely have a lighter weight than the stock components that came with your road bike. Decreasing the weight of your road bike will require you to exert less energy to power the bicycle forward. The 6700 caliper brake system has more stopping power than the 6600 brakes. Shimano notes that the 6700 brake pads work nearly 20 percent better than the 6600 brake pads in wet riding conditions.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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