How Many Calories Are Burned Using a Total Gym?

One of many popular pieces of home exercise equipment, the Total Gym provides an opportunity to do circuit-style resistance training. This kind of workout provides both a fat-burning cardiovascular workout and muscle-building resistance training.

Baseline Calories

A total gym workout qualifies as moderate to vigorous weight training. According to fitness resource website Nutristrategy, a 155 lb 1. person burns about 105 calories in a half-hour training session with mild exertion. A vigorous workout would burn 210 calories in 30 minutes. If the same person did a half-hour circuit with minimal rest between sets, the burn would increase to 280 calories.

Body Weight

How much you weigh drastically effects how many calories a given activity burns. A 205 lb. person working vigorously on the Total Gym would burn 250 calories in half an hour. A 130 lb. person would burn only 175.


Your metabolism is how fast your body naturally burns calories. The resistance workout you get from using a Total Gym builds muscle. According to Walter Willett of the Harvard School of Public Health, bodies with more muscle have faster metabolisms. This means the more your train on your Total Gym, the more calories you will burn the next time you use it.