How Is Health Dynamic to an Individual?

Individuals aiming to function fully in society usually strive to do so in a healthy manner. Health, however, is a relative term. What one person sees as healthy another person may see as unhealthy. Health may refer to a person's physical condition, but can also refer to his mental, spiritual and social health. What is vital to one person may be trivial to another.

Physical Health

Physical health differs for individuals depending on their age and circumstances. While everyone wants to be healthy to have a chance to enjoy life, the physical potential of a 25-year-old is different from that of a 70-year-old. An able-bodied person will have a different perspective from someone who has been disabled. Getting cardiovascular exercise, doing strength-training exercise, sleeping regularly and eating healthfully are all factors that can affect health. Genetic factors also play a role, but they are often out of an individual's control.

Mental Health

Few in society would argue that having a positive mental outlook is not an important part of being healthy. People may internalize problems and refuse to talk about things that may be bothering them, a report by the Canadian Women's Health Network explains. Instead of addressing a situation such as a relationship with a spouse, parent or child, they ignore it and refuse to discuss it with anyone. This may lead to outbursts of anger on unrelated manners. Unhappiness may result and there's no way that person can be fully healthy until issues are addressed.

Social Health

Becoming a fully functioning member of society can help a person lead a well-rounded life that allows a person to feel good about what they are doing every day. Someone may go to work every day and go to the gym to gain physical strength, but they might not be contributing much to the society they live in. However, a person who works hard, exercises, volunteers to help others and addresses their mental issues often have a greater chance of living a more fulfilling life and feeling happier, according to the Mississippi State University Extension Service. If a person knows he should be trying to help others out and contributing to society but doesn't, it may result in a lack of fulfillment.

Spiritual Health

Organized religion is one way an individual can address spiritual health, the MSU Extension Service notes. By finding a path that may be prescribed by a higher power, an individual may feel healthier about all of her day-to-day activities. Others may find a spiritual calling without a belief in a higher power, but the two often are associated.


The pursuit of knowledge can lead to mental, physical, spiritual and social health. Educating yourself on the particulars of your own situation can help you become a partner with your physician, psychiatrist or spiritual leader when you are trying to get healthy, the MSU Extension Service advises. Instead of depending on an "expert" who may be working with many other individuals, you can become the "boss" of your own health and chart your own plan toward healthy living.