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Low-Fat Foods That Fill You Up

By Natalie Stein ; Updated April 18, 2017

A low-fat diet can help you reduce your calorie consumption and lose weight. Some low-fat, low-calorie diets can lead to excessive hunger, but some foods help suppress hunger. Choose low-fat foods that contain filling nutrients such as protein, dietary fiber and water to stay satisfied and nourished on a low-fat diet.

Vegetable Medley

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that most vegetables are low in fat, and their water and fiber content helps make them bulkier so that they fill you up see. Dietary fiber also helps lower cholesterol levels. Add spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms or onions to eggs in the morning, put carrots, tomatoes, celery or broccoli in soup, serve a side salad or cooked vegetables with your dinner and add sprouts, lettuce or cucumber to your sandwiches. These ideas make meals more filling without adding much fat or many calories.

Fresh Fruit

Most fruit is high-fiber and low-fat. Add berries to cereal or yogurt at breakfast. Keep some washed, ready-to-eat fruit handy so that you can choose it for a quick snack. Apples, tangerines, oranges and bananas are portable and available year-round. You can also use fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth after meals. Choose cut melon, some fruit salad or berries instead of a higher-fat, less-filling dessert. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention points out that whole fruits are more filling than fruit juices and dried fruits.

Lean Protein

Skinless white-meat chicken and turkey, egg whites, lean beef and fish are low-fat foods with a high protein content, so they help fill you up. For a snack, try skewers with vegetables and grilled chicken breast or shrimp. Have broiled fish or roast chicken with asparagus or brussels sprouts for dinner, and consider including some turkey breast or egg whites at breakfast to decrease hunger throughout the morning. Eating your lean protein with fruits or vegetables lets you get fiber as well.

Reduced-Fat Dairy Products

Fat-free yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese and regular cheese are filling because of their protein content. They also provide calcium, which is essential for strong bones. Liquids, such as milk, are not as filling as solid foods. Choose fat-free dairy products when possible to limit your intake of calories and cholesterol-raising saturated fats. Mix apples and cinnamon into fat-free cottage cheese, have low-fat cheese cubes with grapes or dip vegetables into plain Greek yogurt.

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