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The Best Natural Protein Foods to Eat

Protein from foods is necessary for cell regeneration, but some protein foods are not considered healthy foods to eat. Animal protein, for instance, can contribute to high levels of cholesterol associated with heart disease. In addition, some sources of animal protein can lead to obesity 2. The best natural protein foods to eat are foods that are low in fat or fat-free and foods that are rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids.


The best natural protein foods in the meat category are meats that have little or no fat on them. Chicken without the skin and with all fat removed is best, as is turkey without skin or fat 2.

Fish and Seafood

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Contrary to popular belief, shellfish such as:

  • clams
  • oysters
  • scallops
  • mussels do not have a high cholesterol content
  • but they are high in protein

Many fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids as well. Canned salmon, smelts and sardines also supply calcium. Fresh fish also contains minerals and certain vitamins, and it has a low fat and sodium content.

Beans and Peas

Beans and peas are a healthy natural protein food because they contain zero cholesterol and they have a very low fat content.


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Yogurt, milk and cheese are all good natural sources of protein, but these foods are best when they are either fat-free or low-fat. Kefir is also one of the best natural protein foods to consume 2. Eggs are another choice, but the white of the egg is the best part of the egg to eat due to its zero cholesterol content.