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Anti-Nausea Diet for Pregnancy

By Bridget Coila ; Updated June 13, 2017

Pregnancy nausea, also called morning sickness, affects up to 80 percent of pregnant women, according to pediatrician Dr. William Sears. For most women, the queasiness subsides by the second trimester, but while it is in full swing it may feel endless. An anti-nausea diet can help ease your churning stomach, but may not be able to completely prevent it.


If you experience nausea during pregnancy, you might want to spread out your meals, eating three or four small meals and three or more snacks throughout the day. Some pregnant women graze on healthy foods, like fruit or vegetables, constantly throughout the day to keep blood sugar from dropping and triggering nausea. Keeping a small snack on your bedside table and eating before you get out of bed can keep nausea at bay when you get up in the morning. Don't skip meals if you feel nauseated since an empty stomach will only keep the cycle going. Instead, opt for a small bland snack, such as a few crackers, until you feel up to eating more.

Overall Food Choices

Try to combine some protein and complex carbohydrates at every meal, since this combination helps stave off both hunger and nausea. If you can't seem to eat much in one sitting, fill yourself up with nutrient-dense foods, such as avocado, peanut butter, beans, fish and whole grains. Keep yourself well hydrated by drinking eight or more glasses of water or other liquid throughout the day, because dehydration can be a nausea trigger.

Things to Avoid

The harder a food is to digest, the more your pregnant body is likely to rebel with nausea or vomiting. High-fat foods and spicy meals are often the culprit when a bout of morning sickness hits. Avoid deep-fried foods and full-fat treats like ice cream. Acidic foods such as orange juice can also trigger both nausea and heartburn, so avoid those, too.

Easing Queasiness

Ginger can be an all-natural way to quell your queasiness. You can carry around some ginger candy or ginger snaps to munch on if nausea hits while you are out of the house. At home, a cup of ginger tea can be a soothing anti-nausea daily ritual.


Many women notice nausea just after taking their daily prenatal vitamin, so take yours with a meal to prevent having your supplement hit an empty stomach. Since the iron in prenatal supplements is one of the main culprits, ask your doctor about prescribing an iron-free version. Some women find that extra vitamin B6 helps, so ask your doctor about this option if your nausea is severe.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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