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Calories Burned Eating Ice

By Jake Wayne ; Updated July 18, 2017

Eating ice or drinking ice water is near the top of the list of diet helpers that many weight-loss gurus recommend. Some even claim it can be used as a weight-loss method all on its own.

What Burns Calories

Actually chewing and swallowing ice doesn't burn any more calories than chewing or swallowing something else of similar size and consistency. What does burn calories, according to fitness coach Ben Cohn, is warming that much ice up to body temperature. This requires energy, and calories are just one form of it.

Specific Calorie Burn

Warming ice up to body temperature burns roughly 1 calorie per ounce. This means that you would lose 1 pound by eating 1.5 tons of ice.

Other Weight-Loss Uses for Ice

Although the calories burned by eating ice are low, personal trainer Bill Phillips notes that eating ice can help reduce portions. If you eat ice or drink ice water before meals, you will eat less at that meal. Phillips also recommends ice or ice water as your first response to a between-meal hunger craving.

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