How to Wear BTE Hearing Aids With Glasses

Wearing BTE, or behind the ear, hearing aids with glasses can be a struggle. According to "Foundations of Nursing," many people struggle with keeping both their glasses and hearing aids in place, and are unsure of which to don first when getting ready for the day. Harvey Dillon, author of "Hearing Aids," assures that with a bit of practice, nearly anyone can successfully wear BTE hearing aids with glasses 1.

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Purchase glasses with thin wire rims. "The Hearing Aid Decision: Answers to Your Many Questions" advises that these glasses are the least obstructive to BTE hearing aids 3.

Don the glasses, ensuring they are resting on your nose and ears properly. Once the glasses are in place, put on your BTE hearing aids.

Insert the ear molds gently into your ears. To prevent injury, "Foundations of Nursing" advises to you take your time and use a light touch when inserting the ear molds. If the ear molds do not easily slip into your ears, reposition the ear molds and try again. If you continue to struggle, use a mirror to assist you in lining up the ear molds with your ears.

Verify that the tone hooks are secure. These will secure the ear molds to the BTE hearing aids.