How Many Calories Should a 10-Month-Old Be Eating?

A 10 month old baby should be consuming a combination of solids and breast milk for optimal nutrition. Talk with your doctor about your baby's particular needs, and together you can determine adequate caloric intake for your child.

Caloric Intake

A baby's caloric intake is calculated by weight, not by age. If you want to know an exact number of how many calories he needs, weigh him. The calculation for babies is 90 to 120 calories for every 1 kilogram or every 2.2 pounds, notes the Hasbro Children's Hospital Surgery Handbook. For instance, an 18 pound 10 month old will require a little over 800 calories at 100 calories per kilogram.


Counting calories for your baby is not necessary unless specifically directed by your pediatrician. Instead, look for opportunities to feed your 10 month old a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein, along with any breast milk or formula she still consumes.

Medical Help

Seek medical help from your pediatrician if your baby's nutrition needs suddenly change or you observe a sharp dip in weight loss. Your pediatrician can observe your baby's growth and suggest nutrition options to keep your baby health.