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How Many Calories Does a Corona Light Have?

By Erin Beck

A Corona Light has 109 calories, according to People who are trying to lose weight are commonly advised to restrict alcoholic beverages. However, alcohol's effects on body weight aren't clear-cut.


Alcohol provides 7 calories per gram. In comparison, carbohydrates and protein provide 4 calories per gram, while fat provides 9 calories per gram. While alcohol provides calories, it has no nutritional value.

Body Weight

Although moderate alcohol drinkers tend to consume more calories than nondrinkers, consuming alcohol doesn't seem to be associated with body weight, according to a 1999 study published by Eric Jéquier in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition." However, heavy intake of alcohol may lead to weight gain, found a 2003 study published by S. Goya Wannamethee and A. Gerald Shaper in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition."

Fat Metabolism

Consuming alcohol may keep your body from burning fat as fuel, according to a 1996 study published by P.R. Murgatroyd and colleagues in the "British Journal of Nutrition." It has no effect on the body's use of protein and carbohydrates.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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