Diet Pills & Acne

There are two big issues that many people try to avoid, weight gain and acne. Diet pills work with the body's hormones and other systems to support weight loss. Hormones affect the oil production of the skin, and can be affected by diet pills, both in the positive and the negative, suggests


Many people participate in the weight-loss industry through taking weight loss diet pills. From fat blockers to carbohydrate blockers, metabolism boosters to inducing the feeling of fullness, diet pills run the gamut as to what they supposedly do to support weight loss. Many of these diet pills use herbs to stimulate a hormone response. This can work to your advantage in the realm of weight loss, but can possibly harm your skin, because an imbalance in the ratio of your hormones can lead to development of acne.


Different types of diet pills have been connected to skin reactions. Relacore is a diet pill that was developed to help people lose weight through reducing the effects of the harmful results of cortisol production, a stress hormone that is released and leads to weight gain. Relacore is considered an anti-stress, feel-good pill that has a connection between managing stress and reducing abdominal fat, all the while diminishing if not completely eliminating acne, because:

  • stress also increases both the frequency
  • the severity of acne breakouts
  • reports the website Medical News Today 1


Some diet pills that work within the hormonal range of the body to spur on weight loss might create a sensitivity to the sebaceous glands and their response to the normal levels of testosterone. This depends on specific indicators, but individuals who currently struggle with hormone balance may be more susceptible to a worsening of acne. Testosterone producing herbs such as yohimbe bark and Tribulus terrestris extract — which some diet pills contain to support an increase in testosterone and androgen production, increased libido and the building of lean muscle — can create an increase in adrogens, which are male hormones that might create acne symptoms for some, suggests a 2003 study published in "Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. 2"


Diet pills alone likely will not eliminate the inches or the acne. Losing weight and sustaining weight loss as well as treating acne, requires lifestyle adjustment. From stress management to diet modifications and medical options as necessary, meet with professionals about how to incorporate a safe diet pill that can aid your efforts to lose weight and clear up your skin, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Use of diet pills can come with risks and dangers. Read the ingredients carefully, and discuss any and all prescriptions you are taking with your doctor before you take a diet pill. When treating acne, always consult with your dermatologist for the best, well-rounded treatment options that may or may not include a diet pill. Many options are available that are safe and effective in treating acne, without any potential side effects that are common with diet pills.