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Explanation of the Detox Foot Bath

By David Friedman ; Updated July 18, 2017

Foot detoxification is one of the most popular methods for those who are concerned about cleansing toxins out of their body. Methods like herbal cleanses, colonics and ionic foot baths are touted for natural detoxification ability. While they are not backed by scientific research, many claim to feel better after trying them. The detox foot bath is a simple procedure to execute.


The detox foot bath contains salt water with electrodes that pass an electrical current through the liquid. Your feet are submerged in the water for 30 minutes. During this time, toxins are said to be removed from the skin pores through the bottom of your feet. The water should change color once your session is over.


Body toxins are discharged through the soles of your feet due to the interaction of positive and negative ions in the water. According to Device Watch, manufacturers claim that ionic foot detox baths stimulate your body's cells to promote the release of accumulated toxins out of your body into the water.


Detox foot baths are not approved by the FDA to treat health conditions. According to Home Made Body Cleanse, they can help alleviate conditions like headaches and arthritis. The color of the water at the end of the session indicates which toxins were removed and which organs were treated. The purported benefits of foot baths include better liver and kidney functioning and digestion.


Detox foot baths vary in cost, depending on the type and where you get it done. If you purchase a session at a health food store, spa or clinic, it costs around $50. A home unit can be used as often as you wish and costs anywhere from $200 to $1,000.


The color changes in the water of a detox foot bath may come from corrosion of the metal electrodes. They may be made from copper, nickel and iron. These could be the cause of the variety of colors on the color reference chart, rather than the toxins removed from your body.

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