How Many Calories Does a One Year Old Need?

The one-year point marks a big dietary transition for children 1. While infants are dependent on formula or breast milk for nutrients, 12-month-olds need to diversify their diets to include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy and lean protein. Rather than worry about your toddler's exact calorie intake, ensure that he is trying plenty of new, healthy foods.

Dietary Guidelines

The American Heart Association recommends approximately 900 calories per day for 1-year-old males and females 1. A bigger toddler may need a few hundred more calories, while a petite child may eat less. One-year-old children need to consume a greater percentage of fat than adults to support brain development. Roughly 30 percent to 40 percent of their daily calorie intake should be from healthy fats.

Toddler Appetites

A 1-year-old child is generally very good at listening to her body's cues. Your toddler may eat next to nothing one day and scarf down huge meals the next. As long as your child is growing at an appropriate rate, you don't need to fret over calories.