Fujikura Shaft Specs

California-based Fujikura Composite America supplies wood shafts for the PGA Tour and provides components for companies such as Callaway, Taylor-Made, Nike, Cleveland and Titleist. Fujikura sells shafts aimed at golfers of all levels and with different swing characteristics.

Motore F1

Fujikura's Motore shaft uses technology designed to allow energy to be stored on the downswing and released through the impact zone, resulting in greater ball speed, its website states. The Motore F1 has three weight series, the F1 55, F1 65 and F1 75. The regular flex option in each series equates to the series number. For example, the F1 55 regular shaft weighs 55g and the F1 75 weighs 75g. The weight increases only marginally as you move to stiffer flexes. The F1 65 and 76 provide a low to mid-launch angle with low spin, while the F1 55 gives a mid-launch angle with a mid-spin rate.

Motore F3

The Motore F3 come in two weight options, The F3 60 weighs 61g in all flexes, while the F3 70 weighs 71g and is offered only in stiff flex. It features the same technology as the F1 series but delivers a different flight to the F1 65 and 75. The F3 series' mid-launch angle and mid-spin rates make them suited to players who prefer the higher flight of the F1 55 but desire a little more weight in the shaft and lower torque.

Motore Speeder

Fujikura's Motore Speeder shaft uses Quadra Axis composite material and Triax woven composite material to create uniformity throughout the shaft, designed to improve distance and accuracy. It comes in six models, the 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1. The stronger player should select the higher number model, as the weight increases with the model number while the trajectory become progressively lower.

Sakura Women's Shaft

The Sakura shaft is designed for women's swing profiles. The standard Sakura is a lightweight shaft, just 58g with a flex designed for slower swing speeds. It produces a high launch angle and high spin rates to help women achieve longer carry distance off the tee. The Sakura Sport shaft is for women with higher tempo swings. It is heavier than the Sakura, weighing 64 g, and offers the same high launch angle with a slightly lower spin rate for a more controlled trajectory for stronger women.