How to Regrow Eyelashes & Eyebrows

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Just as hair may shed after you comb or brush it, eyelash or eyebrow hairs can shed as well. Some occasional shedding is typical and not anything to be overly concerned about. However, in their grooming efforts many people have a tendency to excessively wax or over-pluck their eyebrows as well as roughly handle their eyelashes. Taking a cautious approach to grooming eyelashes or eyebrows can help them to grow back more quickly.

Refrain from plucking eyebrows unnecessarily. Determine the natural shape of the eyebrow and only pluck hairs that grow outside of the shape. Allow hairs that follow the shape to grow.

Use a cosmetic product such as Latisse to spark eyelash growth, states Allure magazine. Latisse must be prescribed; it is not available over the counter. Apply Latisse to your eyelashes daily. Lashes should begin to grow within a few weeks.

Apply Rogaine to any overly bare areas in your eyebrows. Rogaine is a prescription medication designed to promote hair growth. Rogaine is typically used on the scalp to promote hair growth however it can be used to assist eyebrows to regrow, indicates Marie Claire magazine.

Practice good grooming techniques. For example, eyebrow hair may have a tendency to grow out in a wavy or curly pattern. An eyebrow brush can be used to brush them, retraining them to grow into the natural pattern. Marie Claire also recommends using a clear brow gel to keep eyebrow hairs under control and add shine.

Remove mascara at the end of each day. Mascara can cause eyelash hairs to harden slightly; this is what allows them to hold their curl. If mascara is not removed, eyebrow lashes can become overly brittle, break and fall out. Refraining from applying excessive coats of mascara can also prevent lashes from hardening.