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Isopure Zero Carb Nutritional Facts

By Jolie Hobbs

Isopure Zero Carb protein powder is used for muscle growth and maintenance. Its zero carbohydrate profile makes it low calorie, while still providing the body with essential nutrients. This product may help active people support lean mass while attempting to lose fat. It is marketed as a nutritional supplement, and you should read and understand the nutrition facts of any food product before consuming it.


One serving of Isopure Zero Carb is reported to have 220 Calories, according to the nutrition facts provided by

Calories and Macronutrients

According to the manufacturer's website, Isopure Zero Carb contains approximately 210 calories per serving. A serving is considered to be two scoops using the scoop provided in the container, which is equal to 62 g. One serving can provide your body with 50g of protein, for 200 calories; 0 g of carbohydrates; and 1 g of fat, for 9 calories.


Isopure Zero Carb has multiple vitamins, including vitamin A, with 2,500 I.U. or 50 percent of your daily value; vitamin C, with 30 mg or 50 percent DV; vitamin E, with 15 I.U. or 50 percent DV; vitamin K, with 40 mcg or 50 percent DV; thiamin, with .75 mg or 50 percent DV; riboflavin, with .85 mg or 50 percent DV; niacin, with 10 mg or 50 percent DV; vitamin B-6, with 1 mg or 50 percent DV; folate, with 200 mcg or 50 percent DV, vitamin B-12, with 3 mcg or 50 percent DV; biotin, with 150 mcg or 50 percent DV; and pantothenic acid, with 5 mg or 50 percent DV.


This protein can also provide your body with many essential minerals, including calcium, with 600 mg or 60 percent DV; iron, with 1.08 mg or 6 percent DV; phosphorus, with 500 mg or 50 percent DV; Iodine, with 75 mcg or 50 percent DV; magnesium, with 200 mg or 50 percent DV; zinc, with 7.5 mg or 50 percent DV; selenium, with 35 mcg or 50 percent DV; copper, 1 mg or 50 percent DV; manganese, with 1 mg or 50 percent DV; chromium, with 60 mcg or 50 percent DV; molybdenum, with 37.5 mcg or 50 percent DV; sodium, with 320 mg or 13 percent DV; and potassium, with 750 mg or 21 percent DV.

Amino Acids

This supplement contains four kinds of amino acids; l-glutamine, valine, leucine, and isoleucine. Each is necessary for the synthesis of protein. In one serving, Isopure Zero Carb contains 4.6 g of l-glutamine, 3,080 mg of valine, 7865 mg of leucine, and 3,465 mg of isoleucine. None of these has a determined daily value.


This product should be kept away from children. Overdose of this product in children could lead to iron poisoning. If this occurs, call poison control immediately.

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