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Foods to Avoid on the SureSlim Diet

According to the official website for the SureSlim Diet, this weight loss program eschews the use of supplements and instead focuses on eating healthy, low calorie foods 2. The website explains that the dietary restrictions on the SureSlim Diet are intended to improve health and weight loss by transforming your metabolism and down-regulating the hormones that are responsible for weight gain. The weight loss website 3 Fat Chicks explains that SureSlim recommends high intake of protein and fat, and low carbohydrate intake. You should consult a doctor before attempting this diet plan.

White Rice

Although rice is a staple on other weight loss plans, such as the Rice Diet program, you should avoid eating white rice on the SureSlim Diet. As the cooking website All Recipes explains, white rice is considered a "bad carb" because it is processed in such a way that naturally-occurring nutrients are removed. White rice also has less fiber than brown rice, which means it may not keep you feeling full as long as brown rice.


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Another way to measure the difference between "good" and "bad" carbs is using the glycemic index, or GI. The GI Diet Guide explains that on diets using the index, having a low GI rating is considered good, while having a high GI is considered bad 2. As 3 Fat Chicks points out, bad carbs are to be limited on the SureSlim diet, so you should avoid consuming watermelon. Although fruit is usually considered healthy, the GI Diet Guide notes that watermelon has a very high GI rating -- 80 2. You may want to eat fruits such as cherries or grapefruit instead, as they have low GI ratings.

Maple Syrup

Although the GI Diet Guide points out that whole wheat products have a low GI and are considered "good" carbs, some foods you eat with them may be "bad" carbs 2. For instance, if you decide to have whole wheat pancakes or rolled oats, avoid putting maple syrup on top for flavoring. Maple syrup is high in sugar and is considered a "bad" carbohydrate because of the high GI rating -- 68, according to the GI Diet Guide 2.

White Potatoes

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Potatoes are a tricky subject, as they are technically composed of complex, or "good" carbohydrates 3. However, as the website Everyday Health explains, potatoes have a similar action to simple carbohydrates in your body because of their high GI rating -- they are absorbed quickly and unlikely to keep you feeling full 3.