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Massage Therapy & Chemical Detoxification

By Eshe Asale ; Updated July 18, 2017

The body is designed to release chemical toxins and waste through various organs and processes involving the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Your environment, diet and elevated stress levels, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, can hinder your body’s detoxification process. Massage therapy can help stimulate your circulation and tone organs to promote chemical detoxification.

Environmental Toxins

Your lymphatic and circulatory systems, colon and organs such as your liver and kidneys are designed to eliminate chemical toxins from your body. An upsurge of contaminants in many modern environments can overwhelm your body’s natural detoxification process. Sedentary lifestyles consisting of minimal physical activities also slow circulatory systems. Massage therapy helps stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems for more efficient detoxification. When your circulation is operating at its optimal level, oxygenated blood nourishes your internal organs more effectively. This allows them to efficiently participate in the detoxification process.

Circulation Promotes Detoxification

An article on the Gaiam Life website highlighted the benefits of massage for detoxification. As the article explained, your heart is vital to cardiovascular circulatory system function, helping to pump oxygenated blood around your body to nourish cells and organs and eliminate waste. The lymphatic system is reliant on muscle contraction, gravity, breathing and manual manipulation--such as lymphatic drainage, hydrotherapy and massage for circulatory stimulation. Compressing body tissues help squeeze blood and lymph through vessels to facilitate chemical detoxification. The methodical and rhythmic long, sweeping strokes characteristic of Swedish massage activate superficial veins. This pushes fluids toward the heart to prevent stagnation, boost circulation and enhance detoxification.

Abdominal Massage Clears Organs

The Life Co website discussed the Chinese massage technique Chi Nei Tsang, or abdominal massage. According to the article, abdominal congestion impedes the function of the kidneys, lymphatics, liver and intestines--all of which are essential and central to the process of chemical detoxification. Massaging the area around your navel clears blockages in the colon and digestive tract to optimize organ function. According to the article, abdominal massage helps relieve stress. When stress levels elevate, your body’s glands release chemicals such as cortisol, the stress hormone that acts as a corrosive to your body’s internal organs. Abdominal massage is therefore useful in restoring balance to your psychological and emotional state while helping the colon and bowels release and eliminate chemical toxins.

Reflexology Dissolves Uric Crystals

Your feet accumulate toxins by way of gravity. Toxic buildup in the feet can develop from foot disorders but also manifest through organ and circulatory dysfunction forming as uric acid crystals. These crystal deposits disturb circulation and may even be painful. Using reflexology to palpate pressure points across meridian pathways on the soles of your feet help break down toxic crystals, allowing them to pass freely through the circulatory system for filtering and neutralization.

Lymph Drainage Manages Lymphedema

The Mayo Clinic described lymphedema as a swelling occurring in appendages as a result of blockages in the lymphatic system. The morbidly obese, cancer sufferers and those suffering from infections are susceptible to this condition, although heredity also plays a role. Lymphedema is incurable, but symptoms can be managed with massage therapy. According to an article on the Health Guidance website, lymphatic drainage was developed in the1930s by Emil Vodder as a detoxification method. This massage technique is administered by gently stroking the skin on the swollen limb to move stagnant lymph fluid toward lymph nodes for drainage and detoxification.

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