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Running With Earbuds

When you head out for your morning run, you don't want to worry about your earbuds falling out or causing an infection. While earbuds are often the most comfortable type of earphone, they can also be cumbersome. Unless you have a perfect fit, they can fall out. By ensuring that your earbuds are clean and fitted properly, you can go for a run where your music inspires you to go.

Clean your earbuds before you use them 2. When you run, you sweat, and create a warm and moist environment perfect for bacteria in your ears, according to By swabbing your earbuds with rubbing alcohol before you use them, you kill the germs so you can ensure they're clean and ready for your run.

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Purchase earbuds that have plastic covers over the speakers. The plastic covers are made of a gel that molds to the shape of your ear and ear canal. This ensures a better fit so your earbuds are less prone to bouncing out while you run.

Check the orientation of the earbuds. Most ear buds have an L or a R printed on the bud to denote which ear the earbud should go into. While it might seem trivial, each earbud is shaped to fit the ear denoted on the bud.

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Thread the cord of the earbuds through your shirt, clipping your music player onto your shorts. The less the cord moves, the less likely it is that the earbuds will fall out. By keeping the cord against your chest, you keep it immobilized.

Wear a sweatband around your head and under your ears to secure the earbuds in place. Not only will it help keep sweat away from your earbuds, but it will keep them secured 2.

Buy a pair of ear clips that clip onto your earbuds. Clip them around your ears to keep them in place, suggests Wired magazine. For about $10 as of 2013, you can secure your earbuds.


Some people just can't accommodate an earbud. Their ear canal may be too large or small. Since this is all about the running and your comfort, if you can't wear earbuds comfortably, don't struggle; shop around for something that fits.


As much fun as it is to be wired into your favorite play list while you run; turn down the music when you're in high traffic areas and when crossing the street.