Low-Fat and Low-Sugar Breakfast Foods

By Karen Curinga

The typical American breakfast is often loaded with unhealthy saturated fat and sugar -- fatty bacon, sugar-coated cereals and pancakes drenched in sugary syrup -- which leave you feeling fatigued before the day begins. The good news: Many low-fat, low-sugar foods are available to create breakfasts that are not only tasty and filling, but fuel you with long-lasting energy.

Whole Grains

Whole grains make excellent additions to your low-fat, low-sugar breakfast. Foods like whole-grain bread, brown rice, oatmeal and quinoa leave you feeling satisfied while providing your body with valuable nutrients. In addition to being low in fat and sugar, whole grains are good sources of B vitamins, which help convert food into energy. Check food labels to ensure you aren't buying whole-grain foods like bread and oatmeal that contain added sugar and artificial flavorings. Natural oatmeal topped with fresh berries and skim milk makes an energy-packed breakfast that is low in both fat and sugar.

Egg Whites

Egg whites make a protein-packed breakfast that is virtually fat- and sugar-free. A 3.5-ounce serving of egg whites contains just 0.17 grams of fat, and 0.7 grams of sugar, yet provides 10.9 grams of protein. Since the yolk contains the cholesterol and almost the entire amount of fat and calories, egg whites are an excellent choice for dieters and those concerned with cholesterol levels. Using a low-fat cooking spray, create a tasty two-egg-white omelet and fill it with sauteed veggies or make an egg white scramble using two egg whites and fresh, chopped veggies and seasonings.

Nutritious Fruits

Fruits can be part of a nutritious breakfast that is low in fat and sugar. Most fresh fruits are not only fat-free, but also contain healthful fiber, vitamins and minerals. Fruits, however, contain naturally occurring sugars and some have a greater impact on blood sugar than others. Limit your intake of fruits like bananas, raisins and pineapple, which are higher in sugar, and increase your consumption of fruits like melons and berries that are lower in sugar. Include melons, such as cantaloupe and honeydew, and berries, including blackberries, and raspberries, in your low-fat, low-sugar breakfast. Add a juicy melon slice or fill a melon half with fresh berries as a breakfast side dish.

Nutritious Vegetables

Fresh vegetables add a special low-fat, low-sugar twist to any breakfast. Like fruits, they're fat-free and packed with nutrients and fiber. Some vegetables like corn, peas, beets, potatoes and cooked carrots are high in starch, or sugar, content. Focus on non-starchy vegetables that are naturally fat-free and low in sugar and calories. A huge variety of low-fat, low-sugar vegetables, such as artichokes, asparagus, green beans, cucumbers, sprouts, zucchini, spinach, parsley, broccoli and bell peppers, are available for creating healthy breakfast choices. Serve a colorful mixture of sauteed vegetables on a bed of brown rice to create an elegant weekend breakfast.

Low-fat Dairy Foods

Dairy foods such as low-fat buttermilk, nonfat cottage cheese, skim milk, low-fat, 1 percent milk and plain, low-fat and low-carb yogurts are good choices for your low-fat, low-sugar breakfast. Dairy product are good sources of calcium, which helps build and protect bones and teeth, and many fortified dairy products also contain vitamin D. Avoid chocolate milk and yogurts that contain sugary flavorings. Top a slice of whole-grain toast with nonfat cottage cheese and fresh tomato slices or fill a melon half with low-fat, low carb yogurt or nonfat cottage cheese as a quick and nutritious breakfast on hurried mornings.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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