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Questions to Ask Your OB/GYN About Pregnancy

By Nicole Campbell ; Updated June 13, 2017

Finding out that you are going to have a baby can be both a frightening and exciting experience, especially for a first-time mother. It is easy to feel at a loss when you don’t know the first thing about carrying and giving birth to a healthy baby. Have questions prepared for your OB/GYN for your first pregnancy appointment, and don’t feel embarrassed to ask. When it comes to pregnancy, there are no silly questions.

How Much Should I Eat?

“You’re eating for two now” is a common phrase used to encourage pregnant women to eat more, but is it really accurate? This phrase implies that pregnant women should be eating double what they were before they found out they were pregnant, and that may not be the case. The University of Cincinnati’s Health News suggests that pregnant women should only need about 300 calories more per day than a non-pregnant woman, but this can vary from person to person. Your weight, the quality of your health and the health of your baby may all affect the amount you should be eating every day. Talk to your doctor about your situation in particular to make sure.

What Foods Should I Avoid?

There are certain foods that most pregnant women should steer clear of. The Mayo Clinic warns against raw or undercooked meat and eggs, as well as seafood. While some fish, such as swordfish and shark, should be avoided, there are other types of seafood, like shrimp, salmon and catfish, that can and should be enjoyed by a pregnant woman, as they have been reported to contribute to the birth of healthy babies. The list of what foods should be eaten and those that should be avoided is long and can vary from woman to woman, so talk to your OB/GYN to get specific dietary information pertaining to your pregnancy.

Can I Have Sex?

Many pregnant women can safely have sex while pregnant, while other women that are considered “high risk” may be advised to abstain. Talk to your doctor about the health of your baby and whether or not sex is a safe option for you and your partner.

What are the Signs of a Miscarriage?

The signs of a miscarriage can be a taboo subject for pregnant women, but it is a subject that must be approached. Talk to your doctor about the warning signs of miscarriage and what to do in the event that you notice any of them during your pregnancy.

Who Will Deliver My Baby?

It is natural to want to know who will deliver your baby. The doctor caring for you during your pregnancy may not be the doctor who will deliver your baby. If you want her to be, talk to your OB/GYN about this and discuss what will happen in the event that she is not available when your little one decides to make his debut.

How Much Should I Exercise?

While exercise is encouraged as a great way to maintain healthy weight and stay in shape while pregnant, only your doctor can advise you as to the best type of exercise to do for your pregnancy, as well as how often and during what times. He may advise you to wait it out for a trimester -- only your doctor can advise you for certain.

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