What Are the Treatments Available for Tired Legs?

There are three main reasons for fatigue, says MayoClinic.com: lifestyle factors, psychological problems and medical conditions 1. Overexertion, stress, poor nutrition, wearing high heels and being obese may lead to sore legs, are some examples of lifestyle factors that could cause tired legs. Depression, stress or grief might make legs fatigued, as can serious medical conditions like heart disease and liver failure. Tired legs can usually be treated at home, without the care of a doctor. Legs that remain tired even after home treatment or legs that develop pain or dysfunction should be examined by a doctor.

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Increase Exercise

Tired legs are often caused by poor circulation. Blood carries oxygen to the muscles of the legs and carries away toxins or excess fluids. A lack of circulation disrupts this process. Increasing exercise helps to improve circulation, allowing the circulatory system to properly service the leg muscles.


Eating a diet low in sodium may reduce swelling in the legs and feet. Sodium controls fluid balance in the body, as well as blood volume and blood pressure. Nutritious food provides more useful energy to the body than fast food. Overuse of caffeine, alcohol, junk food and smoking can lead to fatigue. A healthy diet can also prevent obesity; carrying excess weight can be very tiring on the legs.

Warm Bath and Massage

A warm bath can relax tense or overworked leg muscles. Bath salts are available to help energize and reinvigorate the legs. A massage by a certified therapist may relieve tired legs by stimulating circulation.

Compression Stockings

Gravity can aggravate poor circulation by making the body fight hard to move blood up the legs. If tired legs are caused by circulation problems, such as chronic venous insufficiency, compression stockings may help. These stockings prevent blood from pooling in the feet. Elevating the legs can reduce tired legs by reducing the effect gravity has on circulation.


Tired legs caused by a medical condition may regain energy after the condition has been successfully treated. Surgery is available for some conditions causing tired legs, such as chronic venous insufficiency. These procedures may include removing the affected vein chemically or surgically, bypassing the vein or repairing a valve.