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How to Attach Lead Tape to a Golf Club Driver

Adding lead tape to your golf club driver can slow down your swing and help you correct swing flaws, which can ultimately help you to drive the ball onto the fairway rather than into the trees and in the rough 2. Once you determine where to add the lead tape to your driver, be aware that section 3, rule 4-2 of the United States Golf Association rules states that during a round, the club cannot be purposely changed by any method 2. Therefore, you cannot add or remove lead tape during the round 12.

Cut 1/2-inch-wide lead tape into 2- to 2 1/2-inch pieces with a pair of utility shears 12. Each piece of tape should weigh approximately 1 g and 1 g equals one-half swing weight 1.

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Take your golf club driver to the driving range and hit five or six golf balls to warm up your swing.

Add a piece of lead tape to the back of your driver, close to the heel by peeling off the backing from the tape 2. Placing the tape in this location helps to correct a hook in the ball’s trajectory.

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Add lead tape to the back of the driver, close to the toe of the club to help correct a slice in your golf ball’s trajectory 12.

Continue to add and adjust the lead tape on the back of your driver until you achieve a straight ball trajectory and feel comfortable with the additional weight on your driver head 2.