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How to Swallow Big Pills

Taking medicine correctly can mean the difference between maintaining good health and experiencing a life-threatening emergency. Pharmaceutical companies offer a variety of medications in liquid, dissolvable and crushable forms. Unfortunately, many pills cannot be altered and must be swallowed whole. Health care professionals have recommended certain techniques that can make swallowing pills – especially big ones – easier and less stressful 2.

Stay Upright, Not Uptight

The best posture for taking big pills is sitting upright with both feet on the floor and your neck and shoulder muscles relaxed. If sitting upright is not an option, elevating your head as high as possible will also work.

Face Forward

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Keep your head centered when swallowing pills 2. While this position works best for most people, others may find it helpful to tilt to one side or tuck their chins toward their chests.

Treat Yourself

Along with disguising foul tastes, sweet-tasting snacks like pudding, ice cream or applesauce can make big pills slippery and easier to swallow.