List of Activities & the Calories Burned

Limit your diet and add more activity to your day to lose weight safely and steadily. Every pound you drop represents 3,500 excess calories burned, but giving up dessert only gets you halfway there. Getting active will help to burn off those excess calories and boost your fitness.


Create your own weight-conscious workouts at the gym by counting calories in cardio class. A 155-pound person uses 187 calories for every half hour of moderate calisthenics, according to Harvard Medical Center’s Health Publications 1. At 125 pounds, you’ll burn 135 calories and at 185 pounds, the same half hour costs you 200 calories. Step it up for a more vigorous calisthenics workout and your calorie burn could be 240 for a 125-pound exerciser, 298 calories at 155 pounds and 355 calories at 185 pounds.

Playing to Win

Get your game on and watch the weight slide off. Bowling for half an hour uses a mere 90 calories, if you weigh 125 pounds. At 155 pounds, you’ll burn slightly more fuel – 112 calories – and at 185 pounds those gutter balls are worth 133 calories every 30 minutes. Choose more intense exercise for faster weight loss. Golf -- with no cart or no caddy -- burns 205 calories for every half-hour a 155-pound player spends on the greens. Switch to the courts and kill a lot more calories: singles tennis for a 155-pound competitor devours 260 and basketball eats 298 calories per half-hour.

Get Wet

Water sports are easy on your joints but they challenge your cardiovascular system as they burn calories. Thirty minutes doing the backstroke will cost you 240 calories, if you weigh 125 pounds, 298 calories at 155 pounds and 355 calories at 185 pounds. A vigorous butterfly consumes even more: 330 calories at 125 pounds, 409 at 155 pounds and 488 at 185 pounds. The American Council on Exercise says a 155-pound casual swimmer will expend 738 calories an hour.

Move It and Lose It

When your over-scheduled life has no room for organized sports or sessions at the pool or the gym, count calories for daily activities. Skip the elevator in favor of the stairs at a cost of 105 to 211 calories in 15 minutes, based on your speed, for a 155-pound climber. According to Harvard Medical School, vigorous play with your kids uses up 223 calories for a 155-pound person while napping is worth a measly 23. Your job can determine your waistline. Working at a computer burns between 41 and 61 calories in 30 minutes; a 155-pound horse groomer expends 223 calories for each half-hour using that curry brush; and fighting fires requires 446 calories per half-hour at 155 pounds, 533 calories at 185 pounds.