Your simple, natural interactions with your baby are key to his development at nine weeks 2. He is awake longer, so you can spend more time with him. He is captivated by his hands and is constantly bringing them to his face. His communication skills, physical health and social development are affected when you talk and play with him.


Your baby at 9 weeks communicates with you when she fusses and cries to alert you that she is tired or hungry. Her favorite words are rhyming words — goo's and coo's. The more words you speak to her through talking or reading, the more she will learn about using words. She is probably imitating some of those funny-sounding noises that you make when you play with her.

Vision and Hearing

You can assess your baby's vision and hearing health by moving about as you speak to her. Notice how she follows you with her eyes and moves her head toward you. She also babbles when she hears your voice. Dangle an object in front of her and she will grab it. This is a sign of good eye and hand coordination. She loves the noises from rattle toys and will shake incessantly until she is tired and sleepy.

Motor Development

Your baby rolling over from his stomach is a motor development milestone. When he is placed on his stomach, he may raise his chest and head and begin to topple over. He is not using much strength to do this. It can be entertaining to watch, but make sure he is secure and not rolling off your bed or rolling into danger. He is beginning to hold objects longer in his hands. He is clumsy when grasping for his favorite toys or when he is bringing his hands to his mouth.

Social and Emotional Development

Your baby loves looking at you as much as you love admiring those eyes she inherited from you. She wiggles and smiles when she sees you and other familiar faces. She may laugh if you tickle her. She is beginning to recognize her name when you call her by it. She is fun to play with at this stage and the more positive experiences you build with her the more secure she is with her surroundings.

Milestones at 9 Weeks

Your baby will develop in his own way, but there are a few warning signs that he could have delayed development. According to the Academy of Pediatrics, speak to your pediatrician if your baby is not grasping and holding objects, smiling at people or supporting his head very well by the time he is 9 weeks old.