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What Can I Eat on a 1,500-Calorie Diet Without Starch or Sugar?

By Joseph Eitel ; Updated July 18, 2017

Limiting the amount of sugar and starchy foods you consume can help you lose weight as long as you are eating a healthy, well-balanced diet at the same time. You shouldn’t completely eliminate healthy starches from your diet, according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. These include whole grains, fruit and vegetables. However, eliminating processed sugars and starches from your diet can help you achieve 1,500 calories per day while still getting the vitamins and nutrients necessary to maintain good health.


Fresh meat is free from sugars and starches. Lean meats, like chicken, fish and turkey, are the best choices for keeping the calories low. Fatty meats contain additional calories from the fat content, so red meats, pork and other fatty meats should be limited when trying to maintain a 1,500 calorie per day diet.


While fruit does contain starch, it is the healthy, unprocessed form of starch. This is the type of complex carbohydrate that is essential for your body to burn as energy. The National Institutes of Health states that fruit is an important part of any weight-loss diet because it is high in nutrition and low in calories. Furthermore, eliminating fruit from your diet can limit the amount of essential vitamins and minerals you consume each day.


Much like fruit, vegetables contain varying amounts of complex carbohydrates that are part of a healthy weight-loss plan. Fresh vegetables do not contain added sugars, and they are high in nutritional value, so they are an important part of a low-calorie diet.


Both black coffee and unsweetened tea contain no sugar or starches. However, adding additional flavoring can greatly increase the calorie count and sugar/starch content of the drink. To limit the calorie content, do not add sugar, sweetened creamers, whipped cream or other flavorings to your coffee or tea.

Some Dairy Products

Although not all dairy products are free from sugar and starch, some of them are. Jerry Sobieraj, M.D., of Boston University points out that most low- or non-fat dairy products are good choices for people on a no-starch diet, although fat-free, sugar-free frozen yogurt should be avoided. Dairy products are rich sources of protein and essential vitamins. Low- and non-fat dairy products are also lower in calories than the higher-fat alternatives.

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