Common Causes of Frequent Bloody Noses

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Frequent bloody noses are those that occur more than once a week. They can be quite bothersome due to their sudden onset. Although the initial experience may be frightening, nosebleeds are relatively minor conditions that have easily remedied causes. However, if nosebleeds persist for longer than 20 minutes or interfere with your ability to breathe, you should seek immediate medical attention as this can indicate a more serious problem.


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The most common cause of a frequent nosebleed is dryness in the nasal cavity. This is generally caused by indoor heat in the winter when the air lacks adequate moisture. Keeping your head above the heart and squeezing the nose with your thumb and index finger can slow the bleeding. Keeping the house cool and using a vaporizer to return humidity to the air may relieve dryness in the nose and prevent bleeding.

Nose Picking

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Nose picking is the second most common cause of frequent nosebleeding. When you pick within the nasal cavity, fingernails can cause trauma to the sensitive nasal tissue, causing bleeding. Adults may find it easier to quell the desire to pick, but children and babies may be zealous pickers, so keeping their fingers occupied and regularly checking their noses can help reduce nose-picking and prevent unwanted nosebleeds. Usually, as children grow older, they will outgrow persistently picking and eliminate nosebleeds.

Colds and Allergies

Other common conditions can cause frequent nosebleeds, including colds and allergies. Both conditions can cause an itchy, runny or stuffy nose. Cold and flu viruses can agitate the lining of the nose. This can lead to irritation and continual touching of the area through blowing, sneezing and other physical activities. Antihistamines can block the secretion of mucus during an allergy attack, which can dry out the nasal membranes and contribute to nosebleeds.

Other Causes

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Nose bleeds are often caused by facial trauma, however these are typically isolated incidents. Other conditions such as high blood pressure, tumors in the nose, nasal deformities, blood clotting disorders and cardiovascular disease can cause frequent nose bleeds.